Company Brings Hope to African Entrepreneurs

Company Brings Intend to African Business owners

News reports typically tell of the battle to lift Africans out of poverty. One business owner is doing her part to bring hope to that continent through a business venture that is now bringing its products to the world market.

The desire to assist others is exactly what originally led South African Elmare Lombard to leave her successful mental practice after 15 years to start a natural aromatherapy line.

From explore vital oils and plant-based oils in her kitchen to ultimately looking for worldwide markets for the line, Lombard has made her dream a reality today. Her Molo Africa line is now being distributed in the United States by BioPharmetics Inc.

. However her business, founded with member of the family and neighborhood leaders, likewise assists establish farming tasks for disadvantaged people in her native South Africa. Molo Africa has a proactive employment policy that helps single parents get jobs with the company or affiliated businesses. This effort is designed to promote self-sufficiency and brings a sense of pride for people.

Molo Africa supports the independent farmers of Africa through suggestions and assistance; the purchase of raw products at fair market value; and through education initiatives that assist impoverished South Africans establish skills in farming, standard education, entrepreneurship and computer training.

The business’s product line includes pure vital oils, natural fragrant room sprays, massage butters, shea soaps and fragrant candle lights. Molo is an African greeting significance “hey there.” Bearing expressive African names such as “Hamba Suka” and “Sefako,” the products contain vital oils that were extracted from unique plants farmed and processed naturally in African nations.

Gertrude Mewy is an example of the kind of success story Lombard’s business assisted to produce. The single mom from Guguletu, Cape Town, was raising her 4 kids on a little income as a domestic worker. However she dreamed of being an entrepreneur. With the assistance of the Foundation for Economic and Business Development, she started her own pottery business.

Her hard work settled when she became a supplier of ceramic beads to Molo Africa. Its agreement with Gertrude enables her to utilize 2 full-time employees, both of whom are single moms. Her service now supports nine people and there are prepare for more company offers between Gertrude and Molo Africa.

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